When customers come to your site they want to know that their purchase is being made with minimal risk. One way to assure them that they can confidently buy from you is through guarantees. A guarantee ensures your product and leaves the customer feeling like they won’t regret their purchase. Some guarantees are more popular than others. We’ve all heard of the “money back guarantee,” and giving “free trial offers” has become the norm with many digital services. But what guarantee will be most effective with your customer? The below guarantees will grab your site visitors attention while proving that your company and product is trustworthy and legit.


Lifetime Guarantee

This guarantee promises that if at any point the customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase they can return it at anytime for a full refund or credit. This guarantee almost completely reduces any risk for the purchaser. This guarantee is all about saving the customer money and time indefinitely. It says that by purchasing your product the customer will save hundreds, maybe thousands, and never have to buy this particular product again.

Risk-Free Guarantee

This type of guarantee works best with high cost purchases, and services, and products with questionable claims that may cause consumer’s to hesitate before purchase. The risk-free guarantee gives customers an opportunity to essentially try before they buy. And if for any reason they’re not satisfied with their purchase, they are given a time frame within which they can return and receive a refund.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This guarantee promises an exchange or full refund if the customer is not happy. A guaranteed exchange gives the seller a 2nd chance to save the sale and a full refund tells the customer that if they are not satisfied the company will work to ensure they end up happy. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee almost completely reduces customer risk and tells your customer this is a purchase they will not regret.
Lowest Price Guarantee – With this guarantee a company is saying that they are willing to charge the lowest price the item has been sold for. In addition, they guarantee that low-price for a specified number of days after the purchase. So, if the product goes on sale, you’ll get a refund of the difference. With a low price guarantee the company is telling their customer that they refuse to be beat on price and this is only to the customer’s benefit.

Extreme Guarantees

There are very bold companies out there that take their guarantees to the extreme. They offer free shipping, free returns, price matching, all at once. This type of guarantee can garner customers for life. Another example of an effective extreme guarantee is a promise to give away your competitors product. This allows the customer to comparison shop on another person’s dime and you have to be pretty confident bout your product if you’re making this offer.

Guarantees can be an extremely effective addition to your eCommerce website and when done right will positively impact conversions. Guarantees show potential customers how much you believe in your product and that you will go to great lengths to make sure that they are pleased with their purchase. Make the guarantee associated with your product or service easy to find on your website and don’t be afraid of an increase in your refund rate. Satisfied and happy returning customers will cancel out those refunds. To learn more about how to implement guarantees on your company site please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!