With all of the search engines available that promise to optimize your e-commerce site by driving up conversion rates, having a secure infrastructure and leveraging search data; it can be hard to decide which to implement. So, we’ve picked our top 3 advanced search engines and broken down what they offer. We also explain their strengths and benefits so that you can better understand what’s out there.


Nextopia Search Aydus
With over 1600 customers Nextopia promises to streamline and supercharge your sales and merchandising efforts, provide vital customer data through their back-end analytics, and improve your customers’ shopping experience, amongst a ton of other things. They boast advanced search refinement, enhanced autocomplete and a dynamic filter system. Their industry-leading technology adapts to customer behavior, auto corrects spelling, matches and has embedded call-to-actions. And to top it all off they run reports and analytics.

But, with all of this being said, what are the main benefits of Nextopia that make them stand out from the rest? Glad you asked! The features that really make Nextopia unique include their customizable results pages that enables you to create tailored results pages for product searches in order for you to get exact results and try to boost lower performing products in the results algorithm. Also, their smart search and terminology identifies typos and abbreviations within user searches and navigates them to the appropriate product pages. In addition, they produce reports and analytics that allows you complete access into search terms and the amount of times words or phrases have been searched. You can also view real-time reports on most and least popular search terms. And finally, Nextopia’s support, demos and trial offer features an array of tutorials and technical sales support.


SLI Systems promises to increase the revenue for your e-commerce site by connecting shoppers with the products that they are most likely to buy. They do this using a patented technology that provides relevant search results, navigation and product recommendations for your e-commerce site visitors. Their solutions include a SaaS based learning search and they drive traffic to your site through a user-generated SEO service.

When looking at the main benefits of SLI systems the first thing that stands out is that they are SaaS and content ready with search results that are designed to represent all shapes of products and services and that are mobile compatible and optimizable. The SLI Systems packages come with hosting included with back ups and the platform is designed to promote social media searches on your website. SLI Systems offer support in 3 languages. This is included in your package payment.


celebros search aydus
Like SLI, Celebros also uses a SaaS business model. Celebros’ claim to fame is that they revolutionized e-commerce by creating an intelligent, concept-based semantic site-search for online stores. Their cutting edge search solution employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing technology available and Celebros is the only provider of conversion technologies that is available in seven languages.

When you choose Celebros you know that you are working with a company who’s retailers and merchants span across eleven countries. They provide multi-language support, excellent service and customized solutions to fit specific customer needs using a SaaS business model. Their analytics technology is fully integrated into ConversionProV8 giving business owners the ability to monitor shoppers behavior in real time as well as dynamic catalog management. Celebros also offers guided navigation and an advanced Multi-Select SiteSearch that allows users to select multiple product attributes o find the perfect product.


If you’ve read the above descriptions and you still can’t decide which search engine site is best for your needs, it’s more than likely because they all do very similar things to help optimize your site-search. While Nextopia may come off strongest in the predictive search department, Celebros and SLI have a multi-language component that is a keen attribute. In the end, the service that you will be happiest with will not only offer all of the necessary solutions but it will also provide topnotch customer support. So in that case, we’d also recommend getting a few direct referrals or researching existing customer feedback before making your final decision. Good luck!