Cross-selling is an art. It’s all about creating the perfect series of experiences to funnel your customers straight to the products they already wanted…or even to the products they didn’t know they wanted!

With a cross-sell, you’re guiding the customer to a product or service related to the item already being purchased. Whereas with an up-sell, you’re offering a higher priced product – it’s better, faster, or stronger than the original product in their shopping bag. Both of these options can yield results in the long run and give us that higher average order value we all want.

But, how do we get there? Here are some tips to get your started in the right direction:

1. Keep it simple

First and foremost, you want the cross-sell / up-sell flow to feel natural. Evaluate your product catalogue and determine what products make sense together. If you were selling running shoes, for example, a great cross-sell item would be athletic socks. Shoes go with socks, socks are not expensive and they don’t distract from the original purchase.

Magento Upsell
The beauty of using a platform like Magento Enterprise is that there are up-sell and cross-sell features to do the evaluating work for you – available at your fingertips, right out of the box.

2. Add expert recommendations

Customers Who Also Bought

Does a doctor endorse your product? Do customers rave? Amazon does an incredible job with their feature “Customers who bought this, also bought that.” In their case, the customers are experts and add instant reassurance that you’re making the right choice in adding additional products to your cart.

3. Timing is everything

Ole Henriken providing up-sells in the cart.

There are three main times you can up-sell or cross-sell a customer…pre-checkout (on a product page), checkout (in the cart), and post-checkout (confirmation page).

Consider is your target customer:
a. Do they know your product line? If so, maybe add a “You may also like…” section on a product page to jog someone’s memory.
b. Does your customer love a last minute deal just for them? If so, you may consider offering a product at a discount in the cart.
c. Or – is your customer a little more gun-shy? Perhaps you’ve shown some options throughout the shopping experience and no one took anything – try a post-conversion cross-sell with free shipping.

The options are really endless.

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