In recent years, Curated eCommerce has become wildly popular. Online consumers are increasingly interested in shopping from sites developed by tastemakers and experts that they trust. Whether buying a pair of shoes, the perfect candle, or a new electronic, many online shoppers want a more personalized experience. Consumers want to feel like the item they purchase has been handpicked based on their unique taste and preferences. With the growing demand for curated shopping sites there are several standouts that are worth noting. Below we have selected three curated sites that are good examples of how to do curated eCommerce the right way.


Preserve US launched in 2014 and is the brainchild of actress Blake Lively. Preserve is for the consumer that appreciates handmade artisanal offerings with a made in America feel (since all of the products featured are made in America). Their featured artisans produce everything from magic carpet yoga mats to botanically infused sugar. If your style is unique, artful, and rugged this site was built for you.

The site itself is easy to navigate and emotes the rustic romance that Lively is creating for the sentimental “preservist” in you. An added touch is the description of each artisan that is coupled with the item being sold. This tells the story behind the brand and the person who developed it. This unique affect is the type of fairy dust that gives curated sites their appeal.

Canopy is a unique curated eCommerce site as it was created to curate the online worlds most popular store, Canopy was developed as an effort to change the way products on Amazon are presented. Their five person staff thoughtfully selects products from Amazon’s massive inventory and displays it on the Canopy site with an updated (arguably more artistic) photo and description.

The Canopy site gives visitors the sense that they are somewhere special (in relation to And because each item on Canopy is found on Amazon, when you click to buy you are redirected to, taking shoppers somewhere more familiar. In a nutshell, Canopy has built itself on taste and presentation. These are two key components necessary for any curated site worth it’s salt.


Shoe Ddazzle

Shoedazzle is a curated eCommerce site for those fashionistas that love to shop online. The site curates trends in shoes, handbags, accessories, and more to create a personalized boutique based on each subscriber’s particular taste. Each guest is asked to take a fashion quiz that helps Shoedazzle understand your unique sense of style. After taking the quiz, the guest receives personalized style recommendations based on each answer.

The Shoedazzle site is appealing because it is a virtual hub for all things current in fashion. The online destination also periodically features popular stylists like Rachel Zoe and fashion lines from celebrities such as Kristin Cavallari and LaLa Anthony. This curated eCommerce site is made for the consumer that is all about staying current in fashion but needs help (sometimes from their celebrity friends) narrowing down which trend to follow.

Curated sites have come as a welcome relief for customers that find themselves overwhelmed by all of the choices available in the webisphere. They are an increasingly popular one-stop destination. These sites do the hard work of sifting through everything that’s available online and narrowing selections down to what is relevant to a particular palette. If you want to learn more about creating your own curated eCommerce site or improving an existing one we are happy to help. Please contact us here.