The FUD factor is the fear, uncertainty, and doubt your potential customer may have when it comes to deciding to buy your product or solution. It can be said that FUD is a part of every purchasing decision. And since FUD is always there lurking inside the minds of your potential customers, you should be equipped with the proper tools to uncover and combat it the minute it arises. Now, you may never entirely get rid of FUD but you can alleviate its affect on your prospects decision making by implementing these key tactics.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doub in eCommerce

Ask Questions

It is important to ask potential customers, your salespeople, and even customers that decided not to buy, the right questions in order to identify the solutions you need to focus on and chip away at whatever FUD that may exist. This first step will help you troubleshoot for future prospects who may have similar concerns. You essentially want to know how much risk people believe they are taking and what their alternative is. Are they concerned about the cost? Are they afraid something may not work properly? Do they think the service may disrupt their already functioning business? Once you have asked all of the right questions you are better equipped to explain how your product is the best alternative, show how your service will save them money in the long run and improve their business overall.

Support With Content

Once you have asked all of the right questions you should be able to provide content or collateral that directly addresses the FUD factor. Content that plays a major role in alleviating FUD includes, but is not limited to, informative and effective white papers, guarantees or warranties, podcasts, analytics, and even case studies to show any problems that may have arose in the past, and how clients overcame them. These implementations show that you are attuned to your customers’ worries and that you appreciate their concerns indirectly decreasing FUD.

Validate Your Claims

The more novel and high priced products or services tend to elicit the greatest amount of FUD. For such products it can be quite advantageous to actually show the product or service to prospectives in order to remove any questions that it actually does what you say it will do. This allows you to showcase your product, provide a visual of the value, justify the cost, and perhaps even compare it to the product currently being used. You can also test for any challenges or issues they foresee at this time. This can be critical in helping customers gain a sense of ownership before they actually purchase the product or service.

As previously mentioned, you can’t completely eliminate the FUD factor. But, the above implementations will at least help you deal with it. Do your homework, support your claims, and finally show the benefits. Even if you can’t stop your prospects from feeling fear, uncertainty, and doubt you can help manage it.