Your eCommerce website will be receiving a big boost in traffic and purchases over the next couple of months. If there is ever a time to add a customer loyalty program, it’s now and here are our top 5 reasons why!

1. Build a NEW customer base

With the holidays and increased traffic, you have a huge opportunity in front of you to retain new, first time shoppers. Offer new clients extra points just because they made their first purchase with you. Now that they’ve purchased and signed up for loyalty rewards, you have permission to add them to your email list and contact them for future promotions.

2. Keep your loyal customers happy

Finding a great deal on your favorite product is so easy in the eCommerce space…it’s a simple Google search away. Loyalty programs keep your current customers coming back for more. Why shop elsewhere, when you’re 20 points away from your next reward?

3. Word-of-Mouth & Social Sharing

During the 2-month holiday season, customers will be hit with more advertising than they are during the rest of the year combined. They start to tune out those messages and turn to their friends for shopping suggestions. Incentivize social sharing by giving your customers extra loyalty points for sharing. When someone sees your product shared by friends, they’ll be much more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase with you.

4. Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber Base

Newsletters are an invaluable tool for targeting and retargeting customers. Offering your customers loyalty points for signing up creates a win-win situation: Your customers get their points for future redemption and you get permission to contact them for future promotions.

5. Boost Sales in January

The holiday rush is usually followed by a first quarter slow, but it doesn’t have to be. This is the perfect time to send an email and ask your customers to refer friends and family, write reviews, or share a product on Facebook…in exchange for loyalty points of course! Those referrals, product shares, and reviews can easily turn into sales.

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