The words “Cart Abandonment” are like curse words in our industry. Nobody wants lost revenue! Here are our 5 top tips to get the most out of your eCommerce cart this holiday season.

1. Don’t force account creation

Guest Checkout

A customer is looking to make a quick and easy purchase…especially during the holiday rush. Creating an account is like creating a relationship, and customer’s inboxes are flooded with “relationships”. So, don’t force this extra step – it could cause you to lose a customer.

A better way: Ask customers post-conversion if they want to save their information for future purchases and faster checkout. You could even incentivize them with 10% off their next purchase when they create an account today. The best part, you already have the sale!

2. Keep check-out short and simple

One Page Checkout

The less steps in your checkout process, the less likely for a customer to get distracted, frustrated, or turned off to the point of abandoning. Keep your cart short and sweet. Examine what you currently have and ask yourself: Do I really need X or Y field, or is it excessive? Would you want to complete checkout if you were a customer? Then implement those adjustments.

3. Build trust

Secure Checkout

Even though making online purchases is second nature, it’s still important to reassure your customers that shopping on your ecommerce website is safe and secure. Place security logos visibly in your cart, this way, customers feel their personal information is safe with you.

4. Easy to use form fields

Make sure your form fields are clear and intuitive, thereby taking the thinking out of the cart flow, so all the customer needs to do is checkout. Ask yourself: Do we have asterisks on all required fields? Are we using drop down menus or radio buttons where appropriate? Lack of these things could cause error messages, which in turn could cause cart abandons.

5. Be up front

Nothing ruins an online shopping experience like getting to the cart final page, ready to purchase that awesome purse or great gadget, only to find that shipping prices are unexpectedly high. Inform customers about shipping or handling fees prior to checkout, or calculate them as soon as you can in the checkout process. The more customers know up front, the less likely they are to exit the cart halfway through.

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