Content Marketing has become a key marketing strategy. Following are the three main steps to ensure a successful campaign execution.

1. Know your audience:

Lorna Jane E-Commerce

The first step to developing strong content is to know your audience. Take some time to survey your customer’s interests via social media or by utilizing your email list. Supplying general content is great – but supplying tailored and targeted content that speaks to the reader could cause you to go viral.

The athletic clothing brand Lorna Jane did an incredible job with this when they released their “Move Over Sugar” eBook. Within hours, this eBook ended up in my inbox as well as all of my closest friend’s inboxes. They did their homework to know that their audience is looking for ways to be healthy and they provided them with some easy steps to take.

2. Identify a specific target:

Content Is King

Content is king and being an expert on your content is key. If you can provide expert content to your customers, credibility is earned and you’ll automatically attract the most qualified customers.

3. Create a timeline:

Content Timeline

Once you know how to target your audience, schedule out your content. It’s easy for content to get stale over time, but if you plan out about 10 – 20 topics in advance, you can excite your target audience for an extended period of time.

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