Aydus will help you find your optimal balance through solutions that are efficient, websites that are user friendly, and design elements that are effective.


Your ROI is our ROI and long-term strategy allows for infinite success. We head straight for the raw data to understand your business and develop a plan of attack to optimize your digital platform and prepare for sustainable growth in the future.
  • ROI

    An intricate part of our strategy is ROI. Whether it’s increasing traffic, conversion rates or cart size, we aim to understand your business goals and objectives so that we are aligned with them in a strategic way where the benefits meet the cost.

    Starting with our initial brainstorm sessions, we focus on what matters. We may need to look at features such as your site speed, see how you’re tracking email campaigns, or ask about sending an abandoned site email in order to figure out what works and make an informed decision about your needs.

    Once we have an understanding of your business objectives and a strategy in place we look towards fulfillment. Our fulfillment approach is a continuous improvement cycle that includes refining goals, exchanging ideas, completing initiatives, and measuring outcome.


Our creative team loves to focus in on all the details. Using our experience for best practice and creative talent, we take every project to exciting new heights. We always look at the best user experience for your customers that deliver results.

    Our design process starts with a design interview that allows us to get a better understanding of the clients’ vision and ask important questions to help us along the creative process. With the information we received at the design interview paired with our own research we lay out a structure and produce an interface. Throughout the design process we are in constant communication with the client and always looking to create an optimal user experience.

    We have a core understanding of design and pride ourselves in being experts at everything from typography to image making and copy writing. Whatever you need we can provide as we offer unique solutions that translate across all mediums. Whatever your platform is we can design for it as we offer a 360 degree design experience tailored to your brands’ goals.

    When it comes to user experience, best practice is what we do. Our overall design process includes research and strategy in order to assess how to improve your brand. We make sure that the design is intuitive to the end user, relays the proper message, is accessible on all devices, and perhaps most importantly, builds confidence.


Scalable, flexible, and proven are three words that describe the Aydus development process. We have a refined, clear structure, delivering sites that function flawlessly.

    Our team of Magento Certified Developers are passionate about building tailor made solutions on the Magento platform. Over the years we have customized Magento to suit our clients business requirements. We’ve participated in Magento developer conferences, and have been a Silver Magento Partner since 2012, allowing us to create exceptional user experiences and push your website beyond your own expectations.

    We want to help you stand out from the crowd by creating a unique and highly conceptual web site that delivers results. Online shoppers expect a fast-loading, responsive site that is compatible with their browser. Our custom themes help you deliver their ideal experience while ensuring your site is not only functional but also SEO optimized.

    You can count on us to provide scalable and secure integrations. We are here to help streamline your processes with 3rd party vendors and decrease any opportunities for error. Our integrations include, but are not limited to Content Management Systems, CRM Systems, Hosting Providers, Shipping Carriers, Site Search Products, Social Networks, Payment Gateways, Payment Security, and Payment Systems.


Aydus is here to quickly and accurately assess your site, confirm best practices are being followed, and help you leverage every advantage that your platform has to offer

    As our client you will work with a dedicated client manager and a lead who will be your point of contact for any issue. This person knows your site, your business, and is certified on your platform.

    Our U.S. based development team are seasoned certified developers, architects, and designers who can handle any of your needs including, but not limited to, switching web hosts, bug fixes, upgrades, patches, and plugin installation and configuration.
  • 24/7 HELP

    Aydus has a 24/7 ticketing system so that we are available to you at any hour. Running a website is a 24 hour business and we want to make sure that we can assist you at any time. Our dedicated developers are standing by to address and resolve any issues that may arise.