Your landing page is potentially your biggest opportunity for conversions on your eCommerce website. As a result, it is imperative that leads are captured when visitors navigate it. It is best to have a home page that is functional, easily usable, well branded, and highlights your business’ best features. Knowledge of what customers will click on and gravitate towards will turn leads into sales. Following are insider tips for a high converting landing page:

Colors, Contrast, and Shapes:

Colour Contract on Landing Pages

Graphic elements such as color and white space create contrast. Also the shape of buttons are a vital part of conversion psychology. Making small but deliberate adjustments with color, contrast, and shape can radically help your landing page performance. The color of the buttons on your site should contrast with everything else in order to attract attention to them. Remember that the color you select for your website and buttons will have an impact on visitors. For example, since red represents urgency using this color could help motivate a visitor to buy. Orange is another example of an energetic color that creates a call-to-action.

Using white space to create contrast between colors and separate elements is an important implicit directional cue to consider. White space directs the eye to the color element, for example, placing an orange button outlined in white inside of a green square will draw greater attention to the orange button.

Not only color and contrast but shape has an effect on your website visitors as well. It is believed that buttons with rounded corners are better on the eyes than buttons with sharp corners. Sharp corners are harder to process and can appear harsh and threatening instead of inviting like rounded corners. Oval and round shaped buttons bring attention to what is on or inside of the button, leading to higher click rates. As a rule, bigger (buttons) is usually better.

Clean, Concise, and Consistent:

Clean your landing page of clutter and your visitors will find navigation much easier. In addition, removing clutter draws visitors to elements that increase the conversion rate such as badges, guarantees, and directional cues. And as a rule, badges, guarantees, etc. should open up in new tabs, this circumvents visitors leaving your page.

Make sure the landing page messaging, logos, and graphics are consistent with your brand. If a customer visits your website due to an advertisement, you not only want your website content to match the ad but also the look and feel. Furthermore, consistency translates to comfortability. For the most part, users are looking for a consistent experience; inconsistency in design, logo, and messaging can come across as a red flag, and you definitely don’t want that.

Your headline is the first thing customers read when they visit your eCommerce website, and the goal is to have them continue. To ensure this, we recommend keeping your header simple, offering a resolution, and maybe try humor. Also, clear and concise message phrasing and call-to-actions are essential. Be careful the call-to-action phrase proposes value while not intrusive. A simple “Sign Me Up!” is a good example of a call-to-action that works.

Testimonials, Guarantees, and Videos:

Testimonials and Videos on Landing Pages

Testimonials, guarantees, and explainer videos are great add-ons to legitimize your site and reassure visitors. When done right, testimonials can give your company the word-of-mouth validation that you need to make prospects feel comfortable. Client testimonials should include who the client is, what you did for them, and the results they received.

Guarantees are an effective way to appease your customer’s transaction reservation or hesitation. Whether it is a money-back, risk-free, or satisfaction guarantee; you are relaying to the customer that they are making a purchase or having an experience that they will not regret.

Video based content is increasingly more popular due to providing additional information in an exciting and entertaining way, and igniting emotion in a world of declining attention spans. Instead of having to read information, visitors are provided unique visuals and narrations that capture their attention and stimulating multiple senses.

Aydus can help you implement these elements and more when building or improving your landing page. If you are looking to maximize conversions by boosting your landing page, we’re happy to help. Contact us now to speak to a member of our development team when you click here.