There comes a time when every businesses owner has to make a decision regarding their company’s mobile presence. This usually means that you have to determine whether or not to develop a mobile web site or native app. After some research you will see that there are many compelling arguments for and against deploying each tool. So, to help you through the decision making process, we have compiled a list of our top 5 reasons why you should either go with a mobile website or build your own app.

Mobile Website

1. Affordable and takes less time to develop – Because mobile websites are relatively quick to develop and deploy they naturally cost less.

2. Takes less time to update – When it is time to update your site you don’t need approval from an app store. So that means that once the changes are done they are immediately available for each of your users.

3. Permanent and can’t be deleted – Mobile websites live online indefinitely. Once a user accesses your website they can always return to it.

4. Compatible across all devices – Whether you are on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry users can retrieve and, if they choose, share the site link.

5. Mobile specific features – Mobile websites can access features that are specific to your mobile device that will allow the user to click-to-dial a phone number, use mapping data, video etc.


Native App

1. Offline usage – You can download, navigate and fully engage on your native app without internet connection.

2. App users spend money – Studies show that app users purchase more and often. So, if your bottom line is to generate a larger customer base of consumers that make purchases on their phone, apps are a proven way to go.

3. Better overall user experience – Each app is developed specifically for a particular device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablet), which means that the user experience is decidedly better.

4. Permanent placement on device screen – Once the app is downloaded to a device it is permanently located on the users screen. The app icon is now there as a constant reminder that helps to integrate the application into the users life.

5. Can send more data – Because apps do not rely on the internet users can receive more data faster via an app than a responsive website.

While we hope this list is valuable, in the end, it is most important that you look at your specific business needs in order to decide which to go with. Before making your decision take all things into consideration. But, what should be clear is that having a mobile presence is essential. So, make the decision sooner than later and take advantage of those millions of mobile users out there!