From desktop to tablet to mobile, your customers are visiting your website from a huge spectrum of devices and it is essential to deliver a quality user experience across all devices.

What is responsive web design?


Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) fluidly changes and responds to fit any screen. RWD relies on flexible images and fluid grids that resize with the browser window and adapt very well to all devices. Fluid web sites are built using percentages, rather than absolute proportions so that it scales up and down fluidly. With more than 60% of web traffic coming from mobiles it is becoming important to serve up your eCommerce website to different environments.

Responsive Design

Give it a go! Resize the width of this browser right now and see responsive design in action!

Less is more

When reducing your site from desktop to mobile it is important to understand that squashing everything into the mobile screen is not always the best way forward. In actual fact, the simpler you make your site, the easier it becomes to browse on a small screen, which in turn increases your conversions when your customers are using mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive Menu

Take advantage of our extensive design and development knowledge and apply it to your site, we can help guide you through the dos and don’ts of responsive web design.

What are the benefits?

• An optimized experience for your customers on unlimited devices
• It’s SEO friendly. Google recommends it!
• One website, one platform, save time and cost on development and management
• Improves conversions up to as much as 50%+

What next?

Well now you know all the facts, give us a call and discuss how a responsive website can help you today.

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